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Selected Reviews from Media, Jurors, Theatre Artists & Audience Members. 

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Sarah L Turner as Constable Miller, Sarah M Redmond as Bella, Leanna Brodie as Const. Harris, AND BELLA SANG WITH US
Sarah Louise Turner/Constable Miller
Sarah May Redmond/Bella Boychuk
Leanna Brodie/Constable Harris – And Bella Collective


The foil between Miller and Harris, two women struggling to achieve their goals within a male profession, offers strong dramatic tension. This script is nuanced, darkly funny and action packed. Jacqueline Russell, Artistic Producer, Urban Curvz Theatre

… extremely polished and a decided cut above the usual Fringe fare.  Jo Ledingham. Vancouver Courier

Top 10, 2016. Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier.

Sally takes on social issues like feminism, prejudice, racism, corruption and, of course, sex and violence that are, unfortunately, just as relevant now as they were back in 1912. And she’s done this with a great deal of humor and compassion. Donna Spencer,  Firehall Theatre

An imaginative re-telling of an important piece of forgotten Vancouver history filled with humour and intrigue. Lynna Goldhar Smith, Director,  Dirty Old Woman


2019 CenturionsTechRehearsal_0252a
Finnegan Howes/Mark
Jade Lim/Caro – The Centurions Project Showcase

… a powerful and brave piece.  Rebecca Burton, Playwrights Guild of Canada

It was a thrilling process, watching this script come to life. Joan MacLeod, playwright/MFA Supervisor, Writing, University of Victoria 

I wanted to let you know how moved and excited I was by Centurions. What important, vital, brave work!  Audience Member, Evergreen Cultural Centre showcase presentation, August 2019

I don’t feel like I watched something, I feel like I went somewhere. Audience Member, ECC showcase

It changed the way I think about my responsibility toward other men and where to speak up when I witness attitudes that are harmful to women.  Audience Member,
ECC showcase

We were transported. It was a difficult, but important trip. Such a talented group of artists, and immense work from the young actors in particular. I can’t wait to see what comes next.  Audience Member, ECC showcase

… a compelling story and riveting characters. Heidi Taylor, Playwrights Theatre Centre

… raw, exciting, and edgy.  It goes to the centre of the issues that it addresses and asks both artist and audience to engage with them directly. Evan Rein,  Centurions Project team member 



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Anthony Ingram/Reiner Epp
Christine Willes/Clara Epp – Flying Start Production,
Touchstone Theatre & Playwrights Theatre Centre


… puts a movingly human face on personal entanglement in an evil regime. Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight

… garnered the Third Annual Canadian Peace Play Award for Sally Stubbs.  It’s a credit to the nurturing environment of Martin Kinch and the Playwrights Theatre Centre, and the Flying Start collaboration between PTC and Touchstone Theatre.  Gillian Lockitch, Review from the House

… create(s) empathy in those that will hopefully never have to make this choice, and that, is a very powerful tool.  Congratulations to all involved in bringing this new work to life.  Sean Tyson, Plank Magazine

… a compelling and complex drama. John Jane, Review Vancouver

This show is a profound act of healing for wounds long left open.  Audience Member, Flying Start, Vancouver

Great play – as a granddaughter of a man who was a committed Nazi, I could relate very much.  It made me realize a few things about myself.  Audience Member

Our Ghosts image and text John Greenaway
Design: John Greenaway inspired by image by David Botton

Our Ghosts received it’s first production – directed by Wendy Wearne – at Western Edge Theatre, Oct/Nov 2019. As no Nanaimo media currently review theatre, there are no media reviews of the show. There are, however, many lovely responses from audience members and theatre colleagues in Nanaimo and others from across Canada who watched the May 2020 #CanadaPerforms reading directed by Rachel Peake. Some of these responses are featured here.

… hauntingly beautiful.  Audience Member, #CanadaPerforms Livestreamed Reading

… I love this play. It’s immensely moving and it opens a space for belief. Martin Kinch, Audience Member, #CanadaPerforms

What a script, what an imaginative set design, what directing and, above all, what amazing performances by the actors. … I was deeply moved by the work. Catherine Caines, Audience Member, Western Edge Theatre.

… The story and characters are still with me, pretty sure for quite some time. I can’t wait to see it again, from inside a theatre. Sandra Birk, Audience Member, #CanadaPerforms

A wonderful show. Poignant and moving, with just the right amount of levity and humour.  Audience Member, Western Gold Theatre, Nanaimo.

… captures the heart and imagination. Brilliant.  Christine Reimer, Audience Member, #CanadaPerforms

… a beautiful testimony to love, love lost, and the pain of not knowing. …  highlights how tragedy shapes the lives of several generations.  Dorinda Neave, Audience Member, #CanadaPerforms

A great show.  A must see. Audience Member, Western Edge Theatre, Nanaimo.

What a powerful, evocative, loving tribute to your Mother and family. And it’s so much more. As we watched it, there were tears along with some hoots of laughter. … Simply amazing.  Sheilagh McIvor, Audience Member, #CanadaPerforms


Spinning You Home image, Vancouver Fringe Fest 2018
Simon Webb/Grampa & Sarah Roa/Sarah – Spinners Collective


the perfect love letter to a time gone by … emphasizes the importance of history and keeping it alive.  … an excellent addition to Canada’s literary canon of memory.   Ambitious and noteworthy…  Alan Woo, Fun! Fun! Vancouver! 

What a beautiful script and story. … Congratulations all. Cordula Quint, Audience Member, Van Fringe Fest 2018

With poetic prose, Stubbs’ play is pure Canadiana. Alan Woo, Fun! Fun! Vancouver!

See Jo Ledingham Vancouver Fringe review of Spinning You Home at:

Spinning You Home

Spinning You Home on stage at the Havana Cafe Theatre

Glen Pinchin/Grampa and Susan Coodin/Sarah


Emily Piggford/Rose – Phoenix Theatre

This isn’t your grandmother’s theatre.  ..  Wreckage is a complex, powerful story from a playwright on the top of her game.  … this is a play that is … inviting a younger audience to experience the thrill of the stage.   Will Johnson, Martlet, Victoria

…a twisting, twisted train of intrigue.  …  All is not what it appears to be in Wreckage.  That makes for compelling drama, especially for mystery lovers, but it also reminds audiences of how tragedy unfolds. Mike Youds, Daily News, Kamloops

I really loved the convoluted unfolding of the plot, the feel of interwoven animated cinematic snapshots and sustained tension.  It’s a really interesting piece of new Canadian theatre and worth seeing. Gillian Lockitch,, Vancouver

It’s a thrilling read. Colin Taylor, juror, 2005 Herman Voaden Ntl Playwriting Competition.

The film noir adventure story is filled with atmosphere, the characters burble with eccentric passions and colourful demeanours.  There is so much rich and stylish merit to Wreckage… Roy Surette, 2005 Herman Voaden Ntl Playwriting Competition.

Joan Bryans/Momma; James Behenna/Cardinal;
Seth Ranaweera/Johnny – Tightrope Productions