About Me


Little Sally Writing 2

I grew up in Victoria, BC by the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by books and readers, including my larger-than-life grandfather. A  newspaper writer and editor, Grampa was a billiards champion who’d partied with Grey Owl and was voted ‘the most fearless reporter’ by the Manitoba Legislative Assembly.  He told the best stories. I wanted to be just like him. Part of me always will.

In my teens and early twenties I was too shy to talk at parties, let alone play charades, and I let pretty much everything, including my writing, slide. So who knew I’d fall in love with theatre at the University of Victoria and start acting, directing, teaching and writing plays?

My partner and I live in Vancouver now. We have for years, but we go back and forth a lot.  I love those mountains on the skyline, but I always miss Victoria’s climate – yes, it really is drier – and the wild ocean.

My education includes graduate degrees in Art History and Writing and theatre training in  Canada, the UK and the USA. My plays have received awards, been published, taught, and presented in Canada, Sweden, India and South Africa.

For more details on what I’ve been up to please take a look around the site.  Thanks.