Current Writing Projects


Sun Article 2

Apart from producing my play And Bella Sang with Us in the 2016 Vancouver Fringe I am busy with Writing and More Writing.

I have three major writing projects on the go.

Our Ghosts, my new and most personal script, is inspired by the mysterious disappearance of the father I never knew – the father who fell from the sky – and the impact of his disappearance on my family.

Polly and the Penthouse: A Musical is set in Vancouver’s iconic Penthouse Nightclub and receiving support from Touchstone Theatre, where I am a playwright in residence, and the Penthouse, where the play will eventually premiere.

The third is a drama education text targeting post-secondary educators, workshop leaders, teachers in the field and teachers-in-training.  I’m writing the text in collaboration with Dr. Sharon Wahl, a friend, talented theatre professional and Associate Dean of Education at Vancouver Island University.

I’ll be sure to update my progress, so I hope you’ll stay tuned.  Cheers!