Celebrating at the Jessie Awards!


I’m thrilled to announce that the And Bella Artists Collective is celebrating our amazing journey working on my little play that could – And Bella Sang With Us – at the Jessie Awards next Monday night.  The production was nominated for Outstanding Direction by Sarah Rodgers and Ian Harmon and Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actor by Sarah May Redmond.  Sarah played Bella Boychuk and Gertrude Crane in our Vancouver Fringe Festival production.  Congratulations and thank you to our nominees and to all the talented and passionate artists involved in our production at the 2016 Fringe and the remount at the Firehall Arts Centre in January 2017!  It’s been a joy!

Congratulations, too, to all this season’s Jessie Award nominees!

Photo:  Leanna Brodie as Constable Harris, Sarah May Rdmond as Bella Boychuk and Sarah Louise Turner as Constable Miller.  Set design and photo: Brian Ball.

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