Who Says Women Don’t Brawl?!


Are you tired of seeing men in all the quirky, action-packed lead roles on our stages?  And Bella Sang With Us, a fast-paced historical drama about women, features breathtaking fights between flawed women, fights that have been choreographed by a very talented man.  A man who is not afraid to don a skirt in the service of his work.  Thank you, Derek Metz!

Derek Metz             Derek demos alley fight move in skirt

Derek Metz, a Jessie award nominated and winning actor, as well as nominated producer, is enjoying a resurgence as fight choreographer.  Other ‘scraps’ guided by Metz: West Side Story (Theatre Under the Stars),  Macbeth (Pound of Flesh), Cowboy King (Caravan).  The reason Derek became an actor was, in large part, due to Simon Webb (playing Constable Fields, Alderman Crane, and Connor O’Rourke in And Bella Sang With Us) and he is relishing this opportunity to work with his acting idol!   We are relishing the opportunity to work with Derek.

Derek working with Leanna and Sarah May 2
In rehearsal above from left to right: Sarah May Redmond as Bella Boychuk, Leanna Brodie as Constable Harris and Derek Metz as, well, Fight Choreographer.

And Bella Sang With Us, written by Sally Stubbs and  directed by Sarah Rodgers with Ian Harmon, runs at the Vancouver Fringe from September 9 to 17.  Tickets are moving fast. For information or to purchase tickets click Here.

Stay tuned for our next post featuring actor/dancer/choreographer Amanda Testini.



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