Hot off the presses! Our Fringe show poster.


And_Bella_Sang_with_Us_web-revised (1)

Leanna Brodie and Sarah Louise Turner as Constables
Lurancy D. Harris and Minnie Miller.

Thank you to Sandi McDonald and Emily Cooper for
the beautiful poster design and photography!

More information on the show and the outstanding
creative team coming soon.

And please check  the post below for links to
production photos and headshots of the cast and
production team.


2 thoughts on “Hot off the presses! Our Fringe show poster.

  1. Moira MacLennan

    Hi Sal – I finally found a way to get in touch with you. It’s Moira. I had to change my email address when I came back from Ireland cause I forgot my password. I wrote your Mom a letter a few weeks ago and gave her my new email address. It’s I guess she didn’t tell you. Congrats on all your achievements and I hope to hear from you soon. Lots of love, Moira XXOO


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